Interesting Facts about Jeux Blackjack

Many versions of online blackjack are available for new and experienced gamblers to play at jeux blackjack. Although both the French and Italians claim to be the originators of blackjack, the game was first called vingt-et-un which means 21 in French. Blackjack, or 21 as it was called, was a favorite pastime of Napoleon during his exile in Elba. The popular game of 21 came to be known as blackjack because of a variation of the game in which payouts were given when a player held the black jack of spades. The game of blackjack has undergone a number of changes over the last few centuries since it was first played in Europe. Now jeux blackjack is one of the most popular games at both live and online casinos. Online gambling market have many opportunities to practice blackjack by playing free games and studying strategies and techniques.

Statistics compiled by mathematicians and blackjack experts indicate that a player is likely to win a blackjack hand 48% of the time, but the dealer typically has an edge over the players. Some versions of online blackjack declare a player an automatic winner if he or she has managed to draw 6 casino card gameswithout exceeding 21. Counting cards is not permitted at many live casinos; however there are no rules against card counting when playing jeux blackjack online. Each deck of cards has four 10s, four Kings, four Queens and four Jacks, and each of these cards has a value of 10. Blackjack is typically played with six decks; therefore, a player attempting played online to count cards would need to know that there would be a total of 96 cards with a value of 10. Counting cards requires an excellent memory and superior concentration skills in order for a player to remember what has been already played as well as what cards are still left in the deck.