Casino Bonus Codes

Many online casino-goers are familiar with casino bonus codes in general but are unfamiliar with the sheer number of them and how they can be applied to their accounts. There are several bonus code types that attract players to casinos on a daily basis.

• No-Deposit Bonus - As the name implies, players are not required to make any deposits live dealer into their accounts to receive this bonus. No-deposit bonuses are usually quite small but do not require much action on the player's behalf.
• New Player Bonus - This bonus type is provided to new players casino card games in an effort to increase a casino's customer base. The player must register with a site or download the casino's software in order to be eligible for these bonus codes.
• Deposit Matching Bonus - These bonus codes are given to players who successfully make minimum deposits into their accounts. When a player redeems the code, they are entitled to a deposit matching bonus of up to a certain pre-determined amount.
• Monthly Bonus - This is usually reserved for players who have recurring deposits set up on their account. Each time funds are added, the player receives a small percentage of their deposit as a bonus.
• High Roller Bonus - These bonuses are given to players who spend a significant amount of money in an online casino. The bonus usually awards high rollers with a percentage of the money spent.

Players of any skill level can certainly benefit from online casino bonus codes. These are just a few of the bonus types that are available to players; casinos may offer site-specific bonuses as well.