Winning Baccarat Odds

Baccarat players online casinos not only bet against each other, but against the banker (a variation of the dealer) as well. Because of this layered betting system, calculating the odds attached to each bet becomes incredibly important in order to make a successful wager. This article offers some information about how odds are calculated, as well as some info about a situation in which the odds are rarely in the player's favor.

Determining the Odds

Odds in live dealer baccarat are determined according to the number of bets that a player wages. The calculations required to determine these odds are fairly complex, and require players to take into account the fact that the house usually has the upper hand in any game (often called the house "edge") and also the fact that a game may result in a tie between banker and player. Good odds are considered to be over 50%.

Betting on Pairs

Betting on pairs is fairly rare during a baccarat game, largely because the odds of winning these bets are fairly slim--less than 1%, in fact, as there are close to 6500 different possible pair combinations. With less than one percent return, many players view number of games this as an overly risky bet that does nothing for their odds. Instead, it is more likely that such a move will improve the banker's odds.

Being able to calculate the odds of winning, bonus and the various probabilities in baccarat will help a person improve their game and place more lucrative bets. In short, knowing the odds can help players improve their odds--and even overcome them.